Unlocking Access at Integrated

For an increasing number of Australians, access to affordable healthcare, especially for specialist treatments and surgical procedures, is becoming more difficult. Our Australian healthcare system and Medicare, which has served us so well for so long is now under increasing financial pressure and will struggle to cope with the ageing population and burden of chronic disease we face today and into the future.


Chronic disease we face today and into the future.

We are aware of sky rocketing out of pocket costs passed onto patients which force many, who have private insurance cover, to either forgo treatment altogether or join the growing queue on public waiting lists.

At Integrated Specialist Healthcare Education and Research Foundation (ISHERF) are proud to announce our solution for healthcare affordability – THE ACCESS program.

We believe that our organisations, which are not for profit and centres of academic health excellence are well placed to bring innovation to the healthcare sector. We understand that in order to truly impact health outcomes, we are not only obliged to make the latest treatments available, but we are committed to ensuring that the people who most need and benefit from these treatments have access to them.

This innovative healthcare model is designed to improve the quality of life and wellbeing for patients who otherwise couldn’t afford to treatments because of prohibitive out of pocket costs.

Our ACCESS procedures include

Bariatric Surgery
Weight loss surgery (gastric sleeve, lap band, bypass) for patients that qualify for the procedure based on body mass index.

Hernia repair
Both endoscopic and open hernia repair can accessed at minimal or no out of pocket cost

Upper GIT endoscopy

Breast lumps/benign breast surgery

Breast implant revision surgery

Breast reduction surgery

Whilst not life threatening, if gone untreated, these conditions can have devastating physical, emotional and physiological consequences for patients and can impact on their quality of life.

If you are in need of either of these procedures, have or are considering private health cover, and are languishing on a public waiting list or finding the out of pocket costs prohibitive, consider applying below.

The Access Program will grant places for treatment at little or no out of pocket costs. Details on our application process are listed below. We are able to offer this unique service because of our not for profit status, as well as our alliance with Healthcare innovators like One Cosmetic Foundation and MQ Health.

But the most significant contributor, to these reduced or minimally costed procedure, is your specialist doctors ,who has agreed to reduce or waive their fee. These specialists have signalled their intent to be altruistic and support your need for these procedures over and above financial considerations.